My preview of the Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan’s year-end performances…

…is in today’s Regina LeaderPost.

An excerpt:

More than 350 dance students from age three on up will take to the stage of the Conexus Arts Centre this weekend as the Youth Ballet Company of Saskatchewan, celebrating its 25th anniversary, presents two year-end performances.

“There’s a little bit of duplication, but not very much,” says artistic director Connie Moker Wernikowski.


The Youth Ballet’s elite pre-professional company will perform Ballet for Life, created by a world-famous choreographer, the late Maurice Bejar, in tribute to the many friends he lost to AIDS. It’s set to music by Queen that lead singer Freddy Mercury wrote when he knew he was dying of AIDS.

Bejar granted permission to one of his students, Artur Kuraczewski, to re-set the piece, and when Kuraczewski was here last August as a guest choreographer, he set it using the Youth Ballet’s senior companies.

“Crowds love it,” Wernikowski says. “The Queen music is so beautiful.”

Read the whole thing.

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