The first sentence I wrote today…

Brenna peered out into the snow-filled courtyard as best she could through the thick winding vines of frost-drawn ice covering her bedroom window.

Words today: 3,859

Total words: 11,238

I had two good writing sessions today, although the rather high word count is a bit misleading: much of today’s “writing” was little more than retyping stuff I’d already written, because today’s big scene was pretty good in the first draft, good enough to plug into place in the new version with only minor edits (major edits, if any, will come during the rewriting process for the whole novel, once I’ve got a first draft finished).

My first writing session today was at Second Cup in Regina’s Cornwall Centre, the very coffee shop I mentioned in the acknowledgements for Marseguro, since much of that book was written there, “fuelled by IcePresso Chillers.” But there are hazards to writing in coffee shops, and I ran into two of them today. It can be very hard to concentrate on your work when just one table over two people are involved in an extremely earnest conversation involving disapproving parents, dubious boyfriends, moving out of the family home, and I don’t know what else (only because I tried really hard to tune it out). Normally people who are sitting near you in a coffee shop only sit there for fifteen minutes or so. These two ladies were there for the entire hour or more I was trying to work.

The other hazard? People see you sitting there typing and for some reason take that as an invitation to interrupt you. Just as I was trying to wrap up, a very nice but very elderly gentleman decided to engage me in conversation and told me a long story about how his son was sent off to college with only $20 in his pocket…or something like that…and went into politics, “which is all about lying” and…well, I kind of lost track at some point. I managed to escape before he could launch into his second story. Nice gent, but he put an end to my writing session about ten minutes before I was really ready.

I’m beginning to prefer somewhere a little quieter to work…but I’d still rather get out of the house. Severing myself from the Internet is pretty much a necessity for me to get any extended work done, sorry to say.

Anyway, I’m a tenth of the way to the theoretical total of the novel…lo0king good so far, deadline-wise!

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