The first sentences I wrote today…

For Blue Fire:

The Priest-Apprentice stayed through the end of her second dance, the show-ending Flame of Desire, but had vanished by the time Amlinn, wiping sweat from her bare midriff with a with linen towel–having carefully removed her navel jewel first; she had lost one one and her Grandfather had not been pleased–emerged from behind the stage.

Words today: 806

Total thus far: 12,387

For Magebane:

“My head hurts,” Lady Estra said, and her expression, even sourer than usual, seemed to support her claim.

Words today: 581

Total thus far: 21,643

A very short writing session today, alas, but at least I got a little something done on each of the books. And of course I wrote my science column today. Tomorrow’s word count should be higher.

I note that my publisher, DAW Books, is now Twittering! Their feed appears to have just gone live yesterday. Check it out!


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