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Two, two, two writers in one!

So now I’m writing two books at once: my DAW fantasy, Magebane, as Lee Arthur Chane, and a YA fantasy, tentatively titled Blue Fire, as, presumably, Edward Willett. The former, of course, is contracted; the latter is not, but there is an editor who has expressed a strong interest in it, but can’t commit based on the partial manuscript I had to submit, so I’m going to press ahead on the book in the hope that, once it is complete or nearly so, I can get a contract for it, as well.

Thus, we now get TWO “the first sentence I wrote today”s. From Blue Fire:

In the forests near the village of Thunderfall, Illinen slipped in silence from tree to tree, shadowing the panicked Daydweller pounding through the early darkness of the night.

Words today: 1,314

Words thus far: 10,401

From Magebane:

He had better, for he had not (since he was not a total fool) been completely honest with Mother Northwind.

Words today: 2,495

Words thus far: 23, 557

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