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The first sentence I wrote today…

…as I went back to fix the Scene Where It All Went Wrong in Blue Fire, was:

For a moment Petra couldn’t figure out what the blackened object was; then his chair clattered backward onto the wooden floor as he leaped to his feet without conscious volition.

Not sure I like it much. That’s the way it seemed to flow best, but “without conscious volition” seems a bit pretentiously wordy for a YA fantasy…

Lots of new words, but lots of old words mixed in, so I can’t really give you a word count for the day. Current total word count, though, is 22,051, which is up a bit from yesterday. Don’t know how it will all work out as I work forward and readjust stuff I’ve already written so it works with the new scene I wrote today. With luck I’ll get through that tomorrow.

I worked at home today entirely, and didn’t like it one bit. The Web is too close and there are too many other distractions, because there are always a hundred things that need doing trying to pull me away from actually writing. So tomorrow I’ll be setting out with laptop again to find a nice Internet-free zone in which to set up temporary shop, and should make good progress on both Blue Fire and Magebane, though in both cases still in the rewriting rather than writing new stuff mode.

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