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Two new reviews of Terra Insegura…

…recently popped up.

The first is from arch thinking. Choice bits:

“…Terra Insegura stands on its own very well…a real action-packed science fiction novel….Anyone who likes their science fiction fast and well-written will enjoy Terra Insegura.”

The second I particularly like, because it’s from a 17-year-old reader at, which offers young people the opportunity to write their own reviews of books that appeal to YA readers. I didn’t write Terra Insegura specifically as a YA book, but I’m glad to find out teens enjoy it, too! Here’s what he (or she; reviewers are anonymous) had to say:

Terra Insegura by Edward Willett is a science fiction novel with a highly original plot. …an engrossing novel that has many unexpected twists and turns…a fantastic, entertaining and at times nail-biting read that readers will thoroughly enjoy. Although the end is satisfying it does come abruptly. Fans of Ender’s Game will find a good read here…

“The characters are quite believeable and the reader is really able to care about them and become drawn into their world. Willett’s use of description is great and involved, making the reader really interested in the events of the story…I would recommend Terra Insegura to all fans of science fiction and even to those who want to try reading the genre for the first time.”


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