End of a (brief) era

The freelance life is one of ups and downs and sudden changes of fortune, and it never pays to get too attached to anything. Even things that run for a very long time, like my science column, eventually wind down. And most projects never go on anywhere near as long as that did (around 20 years, which still boggles my mind).

Case in point: my editorship of Fine Lifestyles Regina, Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon, Fine Weddings Regina and Fine Homes Regina.

I wrote for the first two issues of Fine Lifestyles Regina, but just a story in each. The offer to edit came along in the summer of 2009, and since then I’ve overseen the writing of five issues of FLR, and two each of FLS, FWR and FHR. But when I started editing, there was only one magazine: with the others coming on-stream, and more in the works, the publishers decided they needed a fulltime editor, and I’ve mentioned more than once I’m not particularly interested (as in, not really at all) in a regular fulltime job after 17 years as a fulltime freelancer. And so the current issues will be the last I’m editing. The new editor is Thom Barker, and I think he’s going to do a great job.

I’m not severing my connection with the magazines, since I’ll continue to do as much writing for them as I’m offered, and The Willetts on Wine, the wine column I started with my wife, will run at least in the winter issue and I hope beyond that (though no guarantees). But my brief tenure as their editors is officially over.

On the other hand, the day after the new editor was officially announced, I got confirmation that I’ll be taking on another but very different and substantial bit of work on a book. Like I said, the freelance life is one of ups and downs…I’ll post more information on that later, when it’s all official.

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