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WORD for Teens reviews Song of the Sword…

…and generally likes it. Nicole, the young proprietor of WORD for Teens, calls it “very well executed” and “a fun read” and also writes, in part:

I thought, for the concept that was being used, it was very well done indeed. I’m never going to be a fan of evil Merlin. I love Merlin far too much. But I thought Willett did an excellent job here – it’s not that Merlin is evil so much as stuck in at time that’s not his own, with an idea that he doesn’t consider evil…

I like Ariana – she’s got quite a bit of personality and spunk, and I like that. I wish she didn’t get a hold of her powers quite so fast, but hey, she was pressed for time. Wally is definitley my favorite character. He’s got a bit of King Arthur potential, but he’s so very quirky. He fences. I like him. And I sense his sister becoming a bit of a Morgan le Fay character, which should prove to be entertaining.

Read the whole thing. And WORD for Teens looks like a great source in general for a fresh look at fiction for teens.

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