A new venture: audiobook of Matthew Hughes’s The Other, narrated by me, now on sale

A while back I auditioned for Iambik Audiobooks to be one of their book narrators, and landed my first gig: Matthew Hughes’s science fiction novel The Other, published by Underland Press. I had a great time reading and narrating the book, and now that it’s actually out and on sale, I’m rather trepidatiously awaiting the reaction from audiobookophiles (not to mention Matt, who I know personally through SF Canada and whose wonderful novel I really hope I did justice to).

Anyway, you can now buy it, download it, listen to it, and let me know what you think.

I’m currently narrating my own novel, my YA fantasy Spirit Singer, for Iambik. I have less concern about pleasing the author in that case! (Interestingly, it’s been almost like reading someone else’s book, it’s been so long since I write it.) I’m anxious to get it finished and on the shelves–or whatever you buy audiobooks off of–too.

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