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Song of the Sword now available as audiobook!

I'm thrilled to announce that Song of the Sword, book one in my Shards of Excalibur young adult fantasy series (published in print by Coteau Books) is now available through Audible.com as an audiobook, narrated by the talented Elizabeth Klett, who will be narrating the remaining four books in the series over the course of the year.       I couldn't be happier with Elizabeth's narration. Here's a bit more about her from her website: Reading books out loud has long been a passion for Elizabeth Klett. She has been a professional audiobook narrator since 2011, with over 100 titles available at Audible and elsewhere. She has ...

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Nautical audiobook I narrated now on sale!

Deer Isle's Undefeated America's Cup Crews: Humble Heroes from a Downeast Island, by Mark J. Gabrielson, (published by New Street Communications) is a fascinating look at a crucial segment of the long history of America's Cup yacht racing. I was fortunate enough to be hired as the narrator for the audiobook version, and enjoyed it immensely. (I may have lived my entire life about as far from the ocean as you can get, but I was infected early in life with a fascination for sailing by reading the Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome,.) The audiobook is now available from Audible, so please, go forth ...

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On narrating the audiobook of my own novel

The audiobook version of my young adult fantasy novel Spirit Singer (the book which is also soon to have a new print and ebook edition from Tyche Books), is now for sale at Audible.com, which is exciting because a) you never know, someone might buy it, and b) I narrated it myself. Spirit Singer is the third book I’ve narrated for Iambik Audiobooks: the first was The Other by Matthew Hughes, and the second was a non-fiction book on child development (well, a few chapters of it) for Pearson. And what have I learned? Different things for each book. Narrating The Other, I discovered there’s no pleasing everyone: although the proof ...

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The tangled tale of how my YA fantasy Spirit Singer was born, died, and is being resurrected

Let’s step into the wayback machine, and set it for the turn of the century... In that long-ago time, ebooks were in their infancy. There were dedicated ebook-reading devices, but practically nobody had them. (Although I did: a Hiebook. Read a lot of David Weber on it through Baen’s free ebook library.) There were ebook publishers, but practically nobody had heard of them. Print-on-demand technology existed, but was not in widespread use. It was in that environment that I, with my usual impeccable ability to time things badly, decided to experiment with ebook publishing. I had a finished novel, a good one, I thought, a young adult fantasy called Spirit Singer. I ...

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A new venture: audiobook of Matthew Hughes’s The Other, narrated by me, now on sale

A while back I auditioned for Iambik Audiobooks to be one of their book narrators, and landed my first gig: Matthew Hughes's science fiction novel The Other, published by Underland Press. I had a great time reading and narrating the book, and now that it's actually out and on sale, I'm rather trepidatiously awaiting the reaction from audiobookophiles (not to mention Matt, who I know personally through SF Canada and whose wonderful novel I really hope I did justice to). Anyway, you can now buy it, download it, listen to it, and let me know what you think. I'm currently narrating my own novel, my YA ...

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Audiobook of Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky now available

I had a nice surprise in the mail today: the audiobook version of my children's biography of Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky. The book was published by Enslow Publishers; the audibook was created by Recorded Books. [caption id="attachment_9899" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Narrator Ezra Knight"][/caption] Narrator Ezra Knight does an absolutely fabulous job, not surprising considering what an accomplished actor he is. In fact, as I started listening to the book, I had to get out my print copy because it sounded so good I actually thought they must have rewritten the introduction--but no, ...

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