Edward Willett

Great review for The Cityborn from RT Book Reviews

There’s a great new review of the The Cityborn in RT Book Reviews (not currently publicly accessible online; once/if it becomes so, I’ll link to it). Reviewer Bridget Keown gives it 4/5 stars and writes:
“Willett brings J.G. Ballard’s High-Rise into the distant space age in this dystopian tale of class, power and freedom that will entertain devotees and non-genre fans alike. The worldbuilding in this book is impressive, creating an atmosphere that is both fascinating and oppressive, and characters who are magnificently complex. Though the final revelation feels somewhat rushed after so much energy has been invested in building the conspiracy surrounding the protagonists and their environment, the ending provides a fascinating study about loyalty and power that grounds this book in our own time as much as the titular city of Willett’s imagination.”
I reminded someone of J.G. Ballard? I can live with that. :) Also, I like the notion this will appear to non-genre fans, too. That’d be swell.

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