New five-star review for Lake in the Clouds audiobook

The audiobook version of Lake in the Clouds, narrated by the amazing Elizabeth Klett, has a great new review from an Audible listener:

“For me, this story was a very satisfying follow-on to book 2 in the series. Wally plays a much larger part in this one, something which I very much welcomed. His internal struggles as he tries to balance his worry for Ariane against his growing suspicions about Rex Major’s real plans for her and himself really helped to flesh out this character for me. It made the race to find the next shard that much more interesting.

“After the frustration of all the conflict between him and Ariane in the previous book, I was relieved to see this book make the shift towards understanding … even if it takes nearly the whole adventure to get them there. I also really enjoyed the way Mr. Willett uses humor – mostly at Wally’s expense – in getting the two teens back to working together again.

“Ms. Klett’s narration is, as usual, superb. I cannot overstate how well she handles the voices of all the characters; at no point is there any confusion as to who is speaking, and both male and female characters are voiced equally well.

“Travel to another great far-away destination, outsmarting the villain, unexpected character revelations, and a couple of really good plot twists all contribute to making the 6 plus hours of this story just fly by. I can’t wait to hear what happens next!”

The first two books in the series, Song of the Sword and Twist of the Blade, are also available as audiobooks…and remember, your first audiobook is free if you’re joining Audible for the first time!

The audiobook versions of the last two books in the series, Cave Beneath the Sea and Door into Faerie, will be coming soon!

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