Two more great reviews for Paths to the Stars

Paths to the Stars, my collection of short stories, continues to get good reviews!

Writing at The Future Fire, Lisa Timpf says:

“Willett’s short story collection has much to offer. Between the pages of Paths to the Stars, readers will find both inner and outer journeys. Some of the characters find what they are hoping for, and are pleased by it. Others get what they thought they were looking for, but realize it’s not at all what they expected. We get to experience alien cultures and strange worlds, and witness strange happenings in our own world. For a speculative fiction collection, that hits a lot of bases.”

Over at Long and Short Reviews, reviewer Astilbe concludes:

“Paths to the Stars: Twenty-Two Fantastical Tales of Imagination was a creative collection that I’d highly recommend to anyone who appreciates the occasionally humorous side of this genre.”

Remember, you can buy an autographed copy directly from me.

You can also buy it from the sources linked below (among others):

Shadowpaw Press | | | Chapters/Indigo | Barnes & Noble

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