“The Music Shoppe is what happens when a science-fiction author writes a musical”

The Music Shoppe, the play-with-music I wrote and am directing for Regina Lyric Musical Theatre, runs this coming week (April 25-28, 7:30 p.m. Thursday-Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday) at the Shumiatcher Theatre, Mackenzie Art Gallery..which means publicity is happening.

Here’s the story from today’s Regina Leader Post.

An excerpt:

“(There’s a) mysterious mechanical pianist that can play anything that you put in front of him on the piano, and from there I just sort of built it up,” said Willett.

“So the end product was a music shop where people come in and if they sing songs that either they’ve picked out or been chosen for them by the mysterious Mme. Blacke, who owns the shop — and the shop has been there for 100 years — it can help them with whatever problems they’re having in their relationship.”

On top of that, Mme. Blacke (played by Carolyn Speirs) is trying to entice her assistant Leanne (played by Miranda Sheepwash) to assume running the store.

The play’s music director, Ben Redant, plays the role of the pianist.

“He gets rolled in at the beginning of the show on a wheeled chair, so nobody ever sees him walk like a human being, and he’s placed at the piano and he plays, and then at intermission he’ll get wheeled out,” said Willett. “And then they’ll wheel him back in at the start of the second half.”

The show features an eclectic collection of music–I hope you’ll check it out if you live in the area!

Tickets are available at Dancer’s Den Dancewear or from Eventbrite.

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