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The audiobook version of my science-fiction novel Right to Know, published in print by Bundoran Press and narrated by myself, is now available for download on Audible…and I’ve got a limited number of promo codes available that let you download it for free, in exchange for the promise of a review!

If you’re interested, email me with the subject “Right to Know Promo,” and I’ll send you a code!

This is my first audiobook for Bundoran, but it won’t be my last: I’m currently recording Book 2 of the Peregrine Rising duology, Falcon’s Egg.

I’ve narrated a few other audiobooks, by the way, which you might want to check out: no only my own Spirit Singerand I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust, but The Other by Matt Hughes, and Deer Isle’s Undefeated America’s Cup Crews: Humble Heroes from a Downeast Island.

Coming soonish (which means still months away, audiobooks being as time-consuming as they are), I’ll be recording my first four books that DAW Books published: Lost in TranslationMarseguroTerra Insegura, and Magebane.

About the book:

Right to Know is a fast-paced space opera about first contact–with a difference. When Art Stoddard, civilian information officer of the generation starship Mayflower II, is kidnapped by a secret military organization determined to overthrow the power of the Captain and Crew, he becomes embroiled in a conflict that tests everything he believed to be true, forced to choose between preserving social order and restoring the people’s right to know.. 

When Art is ripped from the safety of his ship by the mysterious residents of Peregrine, his problems only escalate. He becomes a pawn in a game that will determine the fate of both ship and planet. As he and his new found friends rush to save both, he faces questions of courage, loyalty and moral responsibility.

A few reviews…

“An inspiring tale of redemption and courage, set in an all too plausible future in space. Well done!” – Julie Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles

“…a wildly entertaining read…the novel had romance, an ego-maniacal supporting antagonist, family drama, intrigue, and plenty of action…if you want a fun and rollicking SF yarn that I found to be pretty suitable for most age groups, Right to Know is a great selection.” – Jon Guenther, SF Revu“This is a fast-paced SF novel, with jailbreaks, rocket-rides and wilderness adventures on a strange planet. It also features clear themes. Freedom of the Press is foremost, and the need to prioritize freedom over security plays a part, too…Recommended for anyone who likes SF with a rapid pace and a clear message.” – Timothy Gwyn

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