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I Read Canadian Day video

February 17 is I Read Canadian Day, and to promote Canadian books and bookstores, a number of children’s authors across the country posted videos drawing attention to that fact and to a local bookstore–as well, of course, as their own books. Here’s the one I did, on the frozen shores of Wascana Lake here in …

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Announcing the Edward Willett bookstore!

For a long time I’ve wanted to set up an online store where people can order books directly from me–autographed, of course (except for the ebooks, because I haven’t figured out how to do that, yet). After a not-inconsiderable amount of work, I’m pleased to announce that my very own personal bookstore, The Fantastic Worlds …

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Song of the Sword on McNally Robinson list of Aurora-eligible titles that “excited the staff”

Too busy working on revisions for Twist of the Blade, Book 2 of the Shards of Excalibur series, to write a long post this morning, so this little self-serving item will have to do. As the title says, Song of the Sword shows up on a list of titles that “excited the staff” at McNally …

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If an author signs in a bookstore and no one comes near, does he make a sound?

Another slow day in the bookstore signing books…just as slow as last week, alas. Which is not to say I didn’t sell any on either occasion–I sold a few–but it’s a bit discouraging all the same. Today I was at Book & Brier, and once again it was a beautiful day outside–warmest day of the …

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McNally Robinson posts an interview with me

Chadwick Ginther of McNally Robinson Booksellers (an independent chain with stores in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Toronto and New York) has just posted a lengthy online interview with me on the company’s website. Here’s how it begins: CG: You’ve written a wide variety of works: SF, YA, Fantasy, as well as non-fiction for adults and children. Where …

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I’m signing at Chapters in Regina today

Come down to the Chapters by the Southland Mall in Regina today from 2 to 4 p.m.; I’ll be signing Terra Insegura (and Marseguro, too, probably). Also, I could use the company. It’s a very odd thing sitting at a table in a bookstore signing books. The looks you get range from the curious to …

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Three Saskatchewan signings for Terra Insegura

I’ve confirmed three signing events for Terra Insegura so far, if you’d like to come out and get a signed copy and meet me in person. (Which might be interesting to some people, although I spend all day with me and sometimes I get pretty tired of myself.) The first signing will be at the …

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