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The Rapunzel Number

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads//2012/02/The-Rapunzel-Number.mp3[/podcast] It’s said that fatherhood changes you. Take me, for instance. Until I had a daughter with long hair, I had absolutely no interest in ponytails. Now I find myself making one every morning (although, thankfully, she’s now able to do her own buns for ballet class—trying to achieve perfect bunhood…bunniness?…was way too stressful for …

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Well, that was fun. By “that,” I mean the process of getting this new computer up and running to my satisfaction. Yes, the new monitor arrived last week, and I spent a few happy (well, mostly happy) hours with plug-ins and cables and drives (oh, my!), losing hours of productivity in order to get a …

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Children’s tastes in food

When I was a kid, my mother will confirm, I was a picky eater, the sort of kid who ordered a hamburger and fries at a Chinese restaurant, hated to have different kinds of food touching each other on the plate, and wouldn’t touch spinach, broccoli or Brussels sprouts with a ten-foot fork. My own …

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My daughter’s impression of science fiction

My daughter Alice, who’s seven, recently took it into her head to draw this picture representing my career as a science fiction writer: a spaceship, stars, an alien and a book: I think I should put it on my letterhead.

Photo of the Day: A little pre-Christmas cheer

Photo of the Day that was Taken Seven Years Ago: Happy Birthday, Alice Laura Mae!

Photo of the Day that was Actually Taken Some Time Ago: Girl on the Shore

My daughter, Alice, on the shore of Lake Huron. (More photos here.)

Inflatable space module performing well

Bigelow Aerospace‘s Genesis II inflatable space module continues to perform well; the company has released the first high-resolution photos from orbit. I like their slogan: “Getting you excited about space again.” Not that I’ve never not been excited, personally. I was pleased to watch my six-year-old daughter enact a flight to the moon in the …

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Photo of the Day that was Actually Taken on Father’s Day: Me and My Girl

More photos here.

Photo of the Weekend: Gleeful Girl

More photos here.

Photo of the Weekend: Ballerina

My daughter Alice, at rehearsal Saturday morning on stage at the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts (Conexus Arts Centre) in the final rehearsal for her apperance that night with her pre-ballet class from the Conservatory of Performing Arts. They danced the sugarplum fairy dance from The Nutcracker at the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s annual Christmas concert. …

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Photo of the Day: Backstage

Specifically, backstage at what is officially known as the Conexus Arts Centre, but most of us around here refuse to call anything other than the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts. (Conexus is a credit union, if you’re not from around here.) My darling daughter Alice appeared on stage tonight as one of the five-year-old ballerinas …

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