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The World Science Fiction Convention – the science column

Long-term readers of this column will know that, every so often, I go off to science fiction conventions. I’ve done it again: I just finished attending the 66th Annual World Science Fiction Convention in Denver. It was, as WorldCons almost always have been for me, a wonderful experience…although that experience has changed over the years. …

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Denvention: Day 4 & 5

And so the whole thing winds down. Yesterday was my favorite day in a lot of ways, although the most important factor there was only peripherally connected to the convention: I spent two hours with my DAW editor, Sheila Gilbert, in the morning going over revisions for Terra Insegura. (“Does everyone get notes like these?” …

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Denvention: Day 2

And so Day 2 has come and gone (at least for those of us for whom 11 p.m. is still a reasonable time to head to one’s hotel room). It was a good one for me. Things started off with a bang with the panel I mentioned a few days ago featuring writers reading their …

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Denvention: Day 1

It’s the morning after the first day of Denvention 3, the 66th World Science Fiction Convention. So far, so good! We got into Denver on Tuesday and were able to register right away (once we found the convention: the Denver Convention Centre is one of the largest buildings I’ve ever been in and is capable …

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