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Errant Dreams gives Magebane 5/5

Another nice review for Magebane, this one from Errant Dreams: Lee Arthur Chane’s Magebane is an original and delightful tale of epic fantasy and magic, steampunk science, adventure, tragedy, and love…. The mix of high fantasy and steampunk is one that I regarded with suspicion; such a blend is difficult to do well, such that …

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Errant Dreams gives Terra Insegura four out of five stars

A new review of Terra Insegura popped up today at the Errant Dreams blog, and it’s a pretty good one–four out of five stars. A couple of excerpts: Edward Willett’s Terra Insegura is a sequel to his Marseguro. As happens all-too-often with reviewing, I haven’t read that previous book. However, that does make me eminently qualified to …

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