Errant Dreams gives Magebane 5/5

Another nice review for Magebane, this one from Errant Dreams:

Lee Arthur Chane’s Magebane is an original and delightful tale of epic fantasy and magic, steampunk science, adventure, tragedy, and love….

The mix of high fantasy and steampunk is one that I regarded with suspicion; such a blend is difficult to do well, such that it makes sense and doesn’t create a sense of genre discord. Chane did a marvelous job with it, however…

Although I’ve raved solely about the worldbuilding so far, there’s plenty more to recommend it. The characters are delightful…There’s plenty of action and excitement to keep things going…

If you enjoy fantasy, steampunk, and adventure, I think you’ll find Magebane to be a surprisingly delightful blend of the three!

Can’t ask for better than that!

A particularly pleasing review since I’m in Saskatoon this evening to read from/launch Magebane at McNally Robinson Bookstore. If you’re in the area, come by:  7:30 p.m.!

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