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Errant Dreams gives Terra Insegura four out of five stars

A new review of Terra Insegura popped up today at the Errant Dreams blog, and it’s a pretty good one–four out of five stars.

A couple of excerpts:

Edward Willett’s Terra Insegura is a sequel to his Marseguro. As happens all-too-often with reviewing, I haven’t read that previous book. However, that does make me eminently qualified to declare that Willett did an outstanding job writing Terra Insegura in such a way that it makes sense to new readers…


While the world and non-villain characters are highly enjoyable, however, one of the high points of Terra Insegura is Willett’s skill with action. The pacing (other than a slight lag in the middle) is tension-packed, and the action scenes gripping. I was in the mood for some good old-fashioned SF adventure, and Terra Insegura delivered!

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