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Tim Hildebrand’s acting career stretches from Caronport to Cannes

I wrote this article for Refined Saskatoon; you can see it in the context of the magazine here. Back in 2007, I performed with Tim in Beauty and the Beast at Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon, the very first show in the then brand-new theatre. (Our Beast was Paul Alexander Nolan, currently heading to Broadway again in the Jimmy Buffett jukebox musical Escape to Margaritaville; I profiled him here.) When Tim Hildebrand was in Grade 1 in Caronport, he longed to get to Grade 5, so he could be in an “actual play”—the annual Christmas pageant. “I remember waiting for four years just to get a chance to ...

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My interview with CTV Morning Live to promote Right to Know…

can be viewed at this link. I thought it went pretty well. Although the best place to get the book at the moment, until it finds its way through the distribution channels, is directly from the publisher.

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Gerry Anderson and me

So Gerry Anderson has died. I don’t know that I could say I was a huge fan of his shows—well, I liked UFO a lot, but the Supermarionation things, though I watched quite a few of them, weren’t just in the “uncanny valley” for me, they’d pretty much fallen into the “uncanny canyon” and were well on their way to the lowest depths of “uncanny hell.” The puppets might be well-suspended, but my disbelief never was. (Funny thing is, I never had that problem with the Muppets, which I love. Maybe because they didn’t even try to look human.) However, Gerry Anderson did have one huge impact on me: Fireball XL5 ...

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: Close Encounters of the Science Centre Kind

Here's a blast from the past: my 1993 script for a half-hour science-fiction-flavored promotional TV show for the Saskatchewan Science Centre, which aired on Cable Regina (now Access Communications). I was communications officer of the Science Centre at the time. Since I voiced the alien, large portions of this consisted essentially of me talking to myself. An actor's dream come true! (Hmmm....since none of the staff members mentioned in here are still with the Science Centre, maybe I should contact the Science Centre and see if they want to film a remake. Or a sequel: Close Encounters of the Science Centre Kind II: The Exhibits Strike Back!) CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF ...

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Out with the old, in with the new: digital TV

[podcast]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/upLoads//2011/08/Analog-and-Digital-TV.mp3[/podcast] Technology changes, new ways of doing things driving out the old. Take digital television. In fact, you’ll have to: by August 31, over-the-air television stations in most major Canadian cities are being required to stop broadcasting in analog and start broadcasting in digital. Merriam-Webster defines analog as “of, relating to, or being a mechanism in which data is represented by continuously variable physical quantities.” Digital, on the other hand, is defined as, “of or relating to the fingers or toes.” Wait a second, that can’t be right...oh, here we go: “of, relating to, or being data in the form of especially binary digits.” A phonograph record is analog, the continuous, wriggly groove representing the ...

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Like, wow, man: "White Rabbit" Star Trek

Classic Trek scenes set to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". Jimi and Janis would both approve. (Via SF Signal.)

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Hey, that’s me on Newsworld!

My interview on Newsworld regarding the science of soccer did indeed air today at 11:15 a.m. I captured it and YouTubed it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Me on Newsworld

Yesterday CBC Newsworld contacted me about doing a short segment on the science of soccer, in honour of the FIFA Under-20 World Cup now being played in Canada. (If you google "The Science of Soccer," the column I wrote in 2002 is the first hit.)I did the interview this morning on the lawn outside CBC Regina. I couldn't see the interviewer (Susan Pedlar) and she couldn't see me, but everything went fairly smoothly. At least, I don't think I said anything stupid. (I hope not. I really don't want soccer fans mad at me...) And I didn't drop the soccer ball I was holding, either, so that's a plus.I don't know when the segment ...

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A musical version of The Addams Family?

Well, why not?

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Phillips says it can build a video display that would consist of a piece of fabric covered with fur:Here's how it works: imagine the fabric is red and the hair is blue. With the hairs lying flat obscuring the fabric beneath, the pixel looks blue. But applying an electrostatic charge causes the hairs to repel each other and stand on end.This reveals the fabric underneath and changes the pixel from blue to red. With an array of pixels, Philips says it should be possible to build a furry display that can show complete images.What they haven't said is why.

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