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When Words Collide 2017: Canada’s best writing conference

Last weekend my wife and daughter and I made our annual pilgrimage to When Words Collide in Calgary, which has become, not only my favorite writing conference, but, I think, the best writing conference in Canada. (Admittedly, I haven’t been to all of them, but I don’t see how any of them can be appreciably better!) There are panels on every aspect of writing, and even though many of them are aimed at writers who are just starting out, there are plenty of others of interest to more experienced writers. This year, I particularly enjoyed Tawny Stokes’s panel on pitching books to TV/movie production companies—something I ...

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Another Seven-Sentence Short Story

At When Words Collide in Calgary this summer I once again conducted a Seven-Sentence Short Story workshop, and had more people in it than ever before--30 or so, I'd guesstimate. This is a plotting exercise created by SF writer/high school teacher James Van Pelt, and it works great in this setting. Below is my story written during that exercise, with each sentence prefaced with the corresponding instruction. 1. Introduce what the main character wants and the first action he/she takes to accomplish that goal. Stanislaw crawled through the stinking mud of the escape tunnel on his hands and knees, screams chasing him through the darkness, the dim blue light that promised freedom glowing in the distance, seemingly just out of ...

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My editor wins a Hugo! And other stories of what I did on my summer vacation

It's been a while since my last post. Lots to tell you about, but let's start with the most important: my wonderful editor (and publisher), Sheila E. Gilbert of DAW Books, received the Hugo Award for Best Editor (Long-Form) at this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City--and as you can see, I was there to take a photo. :) Sheila mostly operates out of the limelight: she doesn't have a huge social media presence and she's not all that likely to show up on panels at conventions. But behind the scenes she does amazing work with writers, helping them make their stories the best they can ...

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My “When Words Collide” schedule

    I'll be at the fabulous When Words Collide writing/reading conference in Calgary next weekend (May 12-14). They're keeping me busy. If perchance you will also be attending, here's where you can find me. (If you aren't attending, it may be sold out this year, but if you're interested in writing and can make the journey, it's totally worth it.) Friday 3 PM – Fireside  Live Action Slush – Early Bird Edition  Edward Willett (reader), Mark Leslie (Lefebvre), Colleen Anderson, Rhonda Parrish, Tod McCoy  Bring the 1st page of your short fiction manuscript to be anonymously read aloud and receive comments from our editors. Friday 5 PM – Canmore  YA Inspiration  Edward Willett, Nancy M Bell, Joan Donaldson-Yarmey, Sherry ...

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My When Words Collide schedule

I’m really looking forward to next weekend’s When Words Collide conference in Calgary—always one of my favorites. They’re keeping me busy with several panels and, of course, the mass autograph session on Saturday night at 8 p.m., which is open to the public. But it’s not just me! Margaret Anne is taking part in a panel on “Living with a Writer” (I’ll be tied up in my own panel at that time and so won’t hear what she has to say...which might be for the best), and Alice is on two panels, one a “Life Action Slush” panel where teen readers will react to the first pages of YA stories ...

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Great video about best genre literary conference anywhere: When Words Collide

Here's a great video about the best genre literary convention in North America and probably the world: Calgary's When Words Collide. If you're interested in writing, you owe it to yourself to get to When Words Collide. My name gets mentioned about halfway through this video as an example of the kinds of deals that get made at the convention: it was there last year that Hayden Trenholm of Bundoran Press asked me if I'd write a sequel to Right to Know. That sequel, Falcon's Egg, will be out next year. you

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When Words Collide 2013

Just got home yesterday from a weekend at Calgary attending this year's edition of When Words Collide, which describes itself (accurately) as "a festival for readers, writers, artists and publishers of commercial and literary fiction, including genre, YA, children's books, and poetry," and wanted to post about it while it's still fresh, in the hopes that you--yes, you--will attend it next year, if you have an interest in writing. Or, for that matter, reading. This was my second year to attend When Words Collide, which is only in its third year. It took place at the Carriage House Inn, a Calgary hotel which I was pleased to revisit, since it was ...

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Book launch for Right to Know at When Words Collide in Calgary August 10

The release of my science fiction novel Right to Know (the first chapter of which you can read here) is drawing near, and in honor of that fact, the publisher, Bundoran Press will be holding a book launch for it at When Words Collide in Calgary on the evening of Saturday, August 10. Also launching: Resolve, the third book in Neil Godbout's Broken Guardian series. And apparently, as you can see from the photo from Bundoran, copies of the book have arrived from the printer. So it's a real thing! The cover art, by the ...

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Cover art for Right to Know

Here's the gorgeous cover for my upcoming science fiction novel Right to Know, coming out from Bundoran Press in August (we'll be launching it at When Words Collide in Calgary: launch party planned for Saturday night, August 10!) The artwork is by Dan O'Driscoll--I'm planning to use him for Star Song, the YA novel I serialized on here a while ago, when I finally get around to independently publishing it. Right to Know is available for pre-order now on Amazon and other sites. Here's the blurb: Right to Know by Edward Willett, the Aurora-winning author of over fifty books, is a fast-paced space opera about first ...

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Bundoran Press buys my SF novel Right to Know

I'm very pleased to announce that Bundoran Press, a small Canadian press that's put out some terrific books in its short life and has a new owner and managing editor, Aurora Award-winning author Hayden Trenholm, has bought my science fiction novel Right to Know (that's the working title--it could still change), with the goal of having it out by August, in time for the When Words Collide conference in Calgary. Here's how Hayden describes the book in his press release: Edward Willett’s novel, Right To Know (working title), is a fast-paced space opera about the power of information – and disinformation – in closed societies and whether the public has ...

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