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The first sentence I wrote today, and a gratuitous slam against Ron Sexsmith

Chris Keating looked around at the assembled Kemonomimi and debated the wisdom of telling “Victor Hansen” that he was full of crap.

Words today: 2,449
Total words: 37,745
Percent complete: 31.5

A good day today. One of the scenes that went missing mysteriously was my focus, and it turned out much better than I think it was the first time I wrote it, which is nice. Mainly that’s because I had my synopsis with me this time and last time I didn’t, so I originally wrote the scene in a way that would have caused me problems later.

So for today’s scene, the loss was probably a blessing in disguise. Not for the major action scene that also went missing, though: I thought it was pretty solid as was. I hope I can recapture some of it.

Today’s writing went down in the Cornwall Centre Second Cup here in Regina, which actually earned a mention in the acknowledgements of Marseguro. (A fact I pointed out to the Second Cup marketing people with the faint hope they might think it worthy of sending out a press release or even launching a major marketing campaign for the book, but naw: they just passed my email on to the local franchise. Too bad, since I think my smiling face staring down at coffee-buyers would have looked every bit as good as that pouty picture of Ron Sexsmith* they had up last year: he looked like he really couldn’t care less if you bought his CD. I, on the other hand, really really want you to buy my book!)

*Hmm. Based on this gallery of photos on the Ron Sexsmith website, the man is completely incapable of smiling. I never saw a musician who looked like he was having less fun.

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