The first (OK, actually the first TWO) sentence(s) I wrote today…

He will be able to answer questions,” the Healer said. “Whether he will answer them is beyond my control.”

Words today: 1,440

Total thus far: 16,272

A bit of an annoyance today: I’ve been writing with my Freedom Universal Keyboard 2 (a fold-up Bluetooth keyboard) on my new Blackberry Storm. All well and good, but today, for some reason, it asked me for a password for the keyboard. Darned if I could remember what it was, and since I was already sitting somewhere that wasn’t home, I didn’t have ready access to support material. I struggled for an hour or so and never managed to make it connect.

Once I got home, I soon figured out what I was supposed to type in (0000–nothing very hard to remember, but I hadn’t remembered it) and so this evening, since I was dining alone (wife and daughter are out) I cranked out some more verbiage at a restaurant.

I’ve generally been pretty happy with the keyboard, though I preferred my old one (which doesn’t work at all with the Blackberry, alas). It gets a lot of comments from passers-by, and it’s certainly easier to haul around than a laptop. Those little netbooks are looking mighty tasty, though…

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