The first sentence I wrote today…

…was for Blue Fire:

Amlinn did as she was told, but she still half-expected to be arrested by the Priests the moment she set foot in the street.

Words today: 1,991

Total thus far: 17,553

No first sentence for Magebane today, or probably for a few days to come. It’s not that I didn’t work on it, it’s just that I realized, in my headlong plunge of the past few writing days, that I don’t know for sure what happens next, what should happen next, how the characters feel about it, or even for sure who was behind the assassination attempt that opens the book. I think you will agree I should clarify these points before writing anything new, and so for the next few days I’ll be rewriting and rereading and rethinking.

So, although I didn’t write brand-new fresh material today, the total word count increased by close to 500 words, as I added in information the reader (and the writer!) needs, plus did some general tidying up and enhancing of the prose. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to start writing forward again, but once I am, TFSIWT (Magebane) (as I identify it on Twitter and Facebook) will resume.

In the meantime, Blue Fire forges ahead!

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