The first sentences I wrote today…

For Blue Fire:

Petra did not sleep well that night, torn between worry that he might oversleep and….overstimulating…images of the Freefolk girl dancing.

Words today: 2,272

Total thus far: 14,715

For Magebane:

Karl, alone with Lady Vin, who was still studying the final report the Council had received, stood and stretched.

Words today: 1,362

Total thus far: 23,005

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Magebane is the one you actually have a contract for, how come you got more words into the still-on-spec Blue Fire today?” And the answer is simple: today’s Blue Fire scene was an action-packed pivotal bit of plot, whereas today’s Magebane scene was more of the move-Character A-to-Place B, insert-Plot Point C-into-Background D type. So Blue Fire flew along, while Magebane plodded. Still, not a bad number of words all around, considering I did completely unrelated work all morning. I was still reasonably pleased.

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