The first sentence I wrote today…

IMG00016-20090728-1614…for Blue Fire:

And then the gate to the inner city opened, and what he saw drove all other thoughts from his head.

Words today: 1,998

Total thus far: 44,650

I’m officially past the 200th page of the manuscript, if it were printed in standard manuscript format, which of course it has not been and may never be, everything being done by email these days. Anyway, it’s steaming along pretty nicely.

This afternoon I wrote in a new location, the Hotel Saskatchewan Radisson Plaza, both in the Monarch Lounge (from which I had a view of the work being done on the federal government building on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Scarth Street-Photo 1) and upstairs on the deserted convention floor (Photo 2), which  had the benefit of being very quiet. That was all Magebane rewriting work.


Tomorrow…much of the same!

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