Two days of writing! Photos! More excitement than you can shake a stick at!

I failed to post yesterday’s First Sentence I Wrote Today, which means now I have two, two, two sentences to post!


Most of the new verbiage (also some nounage, and a bit of adjectivage–I try to be sparing with the adverbiage) was on Blue Fire.  Yesterday’s first sentence was:

Illinen crouched in the darkness outside the Freefolk camp, watching the guards and the boy they called “Priest-Apprentice,”  until Penrod howled the signal to slip away.

Today’s first sentence/paragraph:

Illinen had heard of the Watchers, scouts scattered along a line a day’s travel west of the Great Warren, hidden inside camouflaged shadow-shelters, peering out through pinholes, risking eyesight and more to make sure the Daydwellers did not come near the center of the Nightdwellers’ kingdom.

Words the past two days: 4,517

Total thus far: 29,908

Magebane I think I’ve got figure out at last–my big plot breakthrough of Saturday morning turned out to not be quite as definitive as I’d liked, but further thought yesterday has, I think, brought everything much clearer. So new stuff is finally happening there, though I don’t have a First Sentence I Wrote Today for it today. Maybe tomorrow.

View from Aegean Coffee shop at the corner of Hamilton Street and 12th Avenue this morning while I worked on Blue Fire.Oh, and the photos? First one is what I saw while writing yesterday at the Atlantis coffee shop at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Hamilton Street in downtown Regina, the second is what I saw this morning while writing at the Aegean coffee shop just a block further north along Hamilton.

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