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Five-star review for Paths to the Stars

Paths to the Stars, Published by Shadowpaw Press
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Just came across a great five-star review on Goodreads of Paths of the Stars, penned (pixelled?) by Toby Welch. Some excerpts:

“In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve read Willett’s work before. I’ve enjoyed every novel of his that I’ve consumed and hoped that his latest work would reach the same high bar. It didn’t – it hurdled right over that bar and left it hanging…”

“It’s a requirement of mine for science fiction works to push the boundaries of imagination. And Willett didn’t disappoint…

“Willett’s powerful writing style shines in this story collection. He has mastered the art of showing and not telling, a skill not enough writers can claim to have these days…

“Lovers of sci-fi will find Paths to the Stars hard to put down…this book hits all the checkmarks for what I feel are the hallmarks of a science fiction work: imaginative, fantastical, and mind-bending. If this work was a meal instead of a book, it would deserve a Michelin star.”

Pretty nice, huh? Read the whole thing!

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