Cover art and TOC for upcoming anthology featuring my story “Beneath the Pall”

One inspiration for the Kickstarter I just successfully ran to fund the Shapers of Worlds anthology was Zombies Need Brains LLC, a publishing company set up by my fellow DAW Books author Joshua Palmatier to publish original anthologies, all funded through Kickstarter.

Cover art by
Justin Adams of Varia Studios

For the upcoming anthology My Battery is Low and it is Getting Dark, Josh asked me to be one of the “anchor authors.” I was thrilled, and my story “Beneath the Pall” will be in the book.

Official release date is July 1 (here’s the Kindle link), but you can get the limited-edition Kickstarter edition and ebooks earlier at the ZNB online store:

The anthology will be available in trade paperback and in other ebook formats (Nook, Baen, Scribd, etc.) on its release date.

Here’s the description:

A military attack drone turned shepherd. A train on the London Underground evolving into something new and wondrous. A troupe of robotic actors struggling to find meaning when the audience has disappeared. Explore the myriad ideas of what happens when out-of-date and abandoned technologies are given a second life—one that takes them in a new direction, far outside their intended programming and beyond their original purpose

MY BATTERY IS LOW AND IT IS GETTING DARK features fourteen stories of quiet hope, heartbreak, creation, and death from fantasy and science fiction authors Dana Berube, Merc Fenn Wolfmoor, Jacey Bedford, Anthony Lowe, Chris Kocher, Brian Hugenbruch, William Leisner, José Pablo Iriarte, Alethea Kontis, Kari Sperring, Edward Willett, John G. Hartness, Alexander Gideon, and Stephen Leigh. You may never look at your smart speaker the same way again. 

Below is the complete table of contents. I’m excited to read all of these (except mine–I’ve read that one enough already):


Edited by Crystal Sarakas & Joshua Palmatier


“Ganbold and the Best Drone in Mongolia” by Dana Berube

“This Cold Red Dust” by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

“Traveling Hopefully” by Jacey Bedford

“Ain’t Done Haunting” by Anthony Lowe

“The Circle” by Chris Kocher

“Foster-Child of Silence and Slow Time” by Brian Hugenbruch

“We Choose to Do These Things” by William Leisner

“Brewing Insurrection” by Jose Pablo Iriarte

“Sassi’s Last Ride” by Alethea Kontis

“The Ghosts of Versailles” by Kari Sperring

“Beneath the Pall” by Edward Willett

“Sanctuary” by John G. Hartness

“Terra 3:56” by Alexander Gideon

“One Had a Lovely Face” by Stephen Leigh

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