Announcing Endless Sky Books, my new publishing services company

To start off the new year, I’m officially announcing the launch of my second publishing company, Endless Sky Books.

Whereas my first publishing company, Shadowpaw Press, is and always will be a traditional publishing company, one where authors pay nothing to be published and all money I receive is from the sale of books, Endless Sky Books offers assistance to authors seeking to self-publish, including editing (by me) and help with layout, ebook conversion, cover design, and more. In addition, for select titles, Endless Sky will offer distribution under the Endless Sky imprint. This is what is usually called “hybrid publishing.” because it’s a cross between self-publishing and traditional publishing: authors invest in the book themselves to cover some of the cost of production but then receive a much larger share of sales going forward: currently, that’s set at 75% of net proceeds.

Here are the submission guidelines from the new website for those interested in the hybrid model. (The “we” in the below passage is the royal we; for the moment, I am the only “we” involved).

Shadowpaw Press, in the meanwhile, is full up: submissions are closed there until probably mid-year at the earliest.

Endless Sky Books Submission Guidelines

Endless Sky Books welcomes submissions of all kinds of books, but we don’t accept everything that comes our way–we’re highly selective.

If you have a book you would like to invest in publishing with us, please send a detailed query letter that includes a description of the book, any writing/publishing credits you might have (if any), ways in which you think you might be able to help promote the book, and any other information you think might be pertinent, along with a complete synopsis and three sample chapters.

We promise to respond quickly! If we are interested in publishing your book, we’ll send you our standard contract to consider and will be happy to answer any questions you might have at that point.

Email submissions to Please include QUERY in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing about your book!

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