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The tangled tale of how my YA fantasy Spirit Singer was born, died, and is being resurrected

Let’s step into the wayback machine, and set it for the turn of the century… In that long-ago time, ebooks were in their infancy. There were dedicated ebook-reading devices, but practically nobody had them. (Although I did: a Hiebook. Read a lot of David Weber on it through Baen’s free ebook library.) There were ebook …

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A new venture: audiobook of Matthew Hughes’s The Other, narrated by me, now on sale

A while back I auditioned for Iambik Audiobooks to be one of their book narrators, and landed my first gig: Matthew Hughes’s science fiction novel The Other, published by Underland Press. I had a great time reading and narrating the book, and now that it’s actually out and on sale, I’m rather trepidatiously awaiting the …

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Audiobook of Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky now available

I had a nice surprise in the mail today: the audiobook version of my children’s biography of Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky. The book was published by Enslow Publishers; the audibook was created by Recorded Books. Narrator Ezra Knight does an absolutely fabulous job, not surprising considering what an accomplished actor he is. …

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