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Spring issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina now online

The Spring 2010 issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina, the local magazine I edit, is now online. There are always things you can improve, especially in a magazine that’s more than 200 pages, but I think it’s our best one yet. On the cover of this one: Paul and Carol Hill. Paul Hill’s company, which is …

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Writers’ guidelines for Fine Lifestyles Regina and Saskatoon

Are you a freelance writer in Saskatchewan (or at least knowledgeable about Saskatchewan)? Then it could be I’ve got work for you. Here’s the release I’ve been sending out today seeking additional writers for the magazines I edit, Fine Lifestyles Regina and the about-to-launch Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon: *** Edward Willett, editor of Fine Lifestyles Regina, …

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Winter issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina now online!

You can view the most recent issue of the magazine I edit, Fine Lifestyles Regina, in its entirety online. I recommend pages 124 and 125, which is where you’ll find the new wine column my wife and I are co-writing, “The Willetts on Wine.” I’m also going to be editing the new sister publication, Fine …

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Winter issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina is out!

The Winter 2009/2010 issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina magazine is out, all 260 full-colour glossy pages of it. This is the second issue I’ve edited, and I also wrote several articles for it, including the cover story, an interview with just-retired NHL player Mike Sillinger, a Regina native who’s now moved back to the city …

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First Willett-edited edition of Fine Lifestyles Regina now online

Wondering what is this Fine Lifestyles Regina magazine of which I speak, for which I have written and which I am now editing? Wonder no more! The first Edward Willett-edited issue is now available for viewing, in its entirety, here.

First issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina edited by me!

I know, I know, I’ve got a million things to blog about and I will get to them (Banff, PureSpec, the state of Magebane, First Sentences I Wrote Today, etc.). But for now, this will have to do: it’s the cover for the first issue of Fine Lifestyles Regina that I edited. I just saw …

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I’m the new editor of Fine Lifestyles Regina

Right after yesterday’s morning writing session at Atlantis Coffee, I met with the publishers of Fine Lifestyles Regina, a thick, glossy, free-circulation, advertising-packed magazine that has now published two issues, each of which contained a story by me–the first about chef Rob Fuller, and the second about artist Victor Cicansky. They’ve had a different editor …

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Galleys of Terra Insegura arrive

The galleys of Terra Insegura showed up today for proofing. That’s always exciting. It means I can now find all the mistakes I should have caught last time around, and worry about all the things I should have maybe changed but are too major to change now. Fun! It’s always interesting to see what text …

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High-school writers’ magazine I edited now online

windScript, the magazine of writing by Saskatchewan high school writers that I edited for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild this year, is now online in PDF format. Check out the whole thing, but here’s what I wrote as the introduction: Writing is an act of courage. It takes courage to try to turn your thoughts and …

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Self-contradictory headline:

“Study: Abstinence doesn’t delay sex.” Hint to headline writers: even though you’ve got limited space, there are certain words you cannot leave out. Like the subject of the sentence, for example. In this case, “abstinence” is actually an adjective modifying the word “programs.” Leave out “programs” and abstinence becomes the subject of the sentence itself, …

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"So, how did it go?"

I’m sure that’s the question you’re dying to ask about my telephone conversation with my editor at DAW, Sheila Gilbert, earlier today. It went very well…it also went on for an hour and a half and produced five single-spaced pages of notes. I now have a couple of months to rewrite the whole thing and …

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Marseguro update

I’ve finally heard from Sheila Gilbert at DAW regarding my new book (which she refers to as Marseguro, so maybe that actually will be the title); she’s going to call tomorrow to discuss some editorial revisions (a few things that need “fleshing out” and some “points we need to discuss for clarification”). Wish me luck! …

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