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Tag: Orson Scott Card

Listen to my new podcast–interviews with major SF/fantasy writers about the creative process

I’ve thought about doing for a long time, I’m now actually doing: I’ve started a podcast, The Worldshapers: Conversation With Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors About the Creative Process. In each hour-long episode, I explore how a particular author began writing science fiction or fantasy, and the go through their creative process, focusing on one …

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Saturday Special from the Vaults: Orson Scott Card

I wrote two author biographies for Enslow Publishers’ Authors Teen Love series. One was on J.R.R. Tolkien, and the other on noted SF/fantasy writer Orson Scott Card. The former was easy because he was long dead and had been written about a great deal, the latter harder because he’s very much alive and hasn’t been …

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Once more into the breach

A while back I discussed a variety of ideas for new projects with my agent, Ethan Ellenberg. There was one in particular he liked, which is tentatively titled Masks. It’s a YA fantasy, and since he’s anxious to see some sample chapters, I’ve plunged into it. Here’s how it begins: A week before her thirteenth …

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The World in the Satin Bag picks Terra Insegura’s cover as best of 2009

Blogger Shaun M. Duke, who really liked Terra Insegura, has chosen its cover, by Stephan Martiniere, as the winner of his award for best cover of 2009. I agree with him, of course. It really is a terrific cover. Shaun writes: The artwork for Terra Insegura is stunning, as are all of Martiniere’s paintings. A big plus …

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Sports, schmorts

Orson Scott Card writes an extended rant about sports that echoes many thoughts of my own, as a non-athletic kid. I particularly liked these lines: There is no excuse for athletes being more respected and honored in school than scholars. But few indeed are the high schools that provide scholars and musicians and actors and …

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A review of my bio of Orson Scott Card

I came across the first review I’ve seen so far of my children’s biography Orson Scott Card: Architect of Alternate Worlds today at Barnes & Noble. It’s by Kristin Anderson and comes from School Libary Journal: This solid and well-researched biography does an able job of balancing information on the subject’s numerous publications with the …

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