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The first sentence I wrote today…

Mother Northwind’s smile faded.

Words today: 1,072

Total thus far: 21,062

I only had about thirty-five minutes of actual writing time today, although I did a lot more typing than that: at 2 p.m. I went to the Book & Brier Patch, our local independent bookstore, for Robert J. Sawyer‘s reading from his new novel Wake (a copy of which I bought, of course), and then after that I interviewed Rob at the request of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild, which plans to run the interview in the next issue of its news magazine Freelance. (I’ll be sure to post that interview online as well, of course.) Rob, of course, is someone I’ve known for years now, and as I’ve recounted often at this point, it was in his class in writing science fiction at the Banff Centre that I began what turned into Marseguro…which is why there’s a prominent geographical feature in the first book called Sawyer’s Point, and a shuttlecraft by the same name in Terra Insegura.

We also hosted Rob and his wife Carolyn Clink, along with my musician/teacher/director/performer/composer friend Robert Ursan (two Robs are better than one!) to dinner last night and, as the rural correspondents for the Weyburn Review (the weekly newspaper I used to edit) are wont to say, A Good Time Was Had By All.

Tomorrow’s Father’s Day, which should mean I can requisition time to write if I so choose, since I should get to do Whatever I Want…

But somehow, I doubt it will work out that way!

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