The first sentence I wrote today…

Mother Northwind sat in a rocking chair by the cheerily blazing fire, a sky-blue shawl drawn around her shoulders and a bright red scarf covering most of her gray curls.

Words today: 1,204

Total thus far: 19,990

Had less than an hour to write today, while awaiting my wife at Second Cup in the Cornwall Centre downtown, but still managed 1,200 words. I actually wrote a few more (which means that, for one brief shining moment, I was through the 20,000 word barrier!) but the last paragraph got lost due to some sort of saving issue–a phone call came in just as I was saving the file on the Blackberry Storm, and that seems to have disrupted things somehow. Beats me. Anyway, it was only a few words, so I wasn’t as annoyed as, say, that time in Weyburn I managed to lose the 50-inch city council report I’d just written at 11 p.m. one night, and had to start over again from scratch. I measure all data losses against that traumatic event to this day.

Anyway, I’ll obviously break 20,000 in the next session, which will theoretically mean I’m one-sixth of the way through the first draft. Yay!


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