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Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw

Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw

Ten walks to points of historic and architectural interest in the cities of Regina and Moose Jaw (eight walks for Regina, two for Moose Jaw).

Janis Joplin: Take Another Little Piece of My Heart (American Rebels)

Janis Joplin

A biography of the the rock legend Janis Joplin

A Safe and Prosperous Future

Neon (Understanding the Elements of the Periodic Table)

Magnesium (Understanding the Elements of the Periodic Table)

Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky (American Rebels)

Orson Scott Card: Architect of Alternate Worlds (Authors Teens Love)

Fires and Wildfires: A Practical Survival Guide (Emergency Preparedness)

Genetics Demystified

The Basics of Quantum Physics: Understanding the Photoelectric Effect and Line Spectra (The Library of Physics)

J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Imaginary Worlds (Authors Teens Love)

The Iran-Iraq War (War and Conflict in the Middle East)

Ayatollah Khomeini (Middle East Leaders)

Ebola Virus (Diseases and People)

Careers in Outer Space: New Business Opportunities (The Career Resource Library)

Rock Sport Climbing: Techniques and Tricks

Skateboarding: Techniques and Tricks

Alzheimer’s Disease (Diseases & People)

Hemophilia (Diseases & People)

Arthritis (Diseases & People)

Meningitis (Diseases & People)

Comets, Stardust, and Supernovas: The Science of Space

Speed (Incredibly Disgusting Drugs)

Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise Addiction (Teen Life)

Negative Body Image (Danger Zone: Dieting and Eating Disorders)

Disease-Hunting Scientist (Wild Science Careers)


The true stories of six real disease hunters. Epidemiologists travel the world trying to keep us safe from deadly diseases—from high-tech labs in Canada to remote villages in Africa. Learn how these "disease detectives" are coming up with new ways to fight disease, and find out if you have what it takes to become an epidemiologist, too!

The Bounty Mutiny: From the Court Case to the Movie

The Bounty Mutiny resizedThe Bounty was a British ship visiting Tahiti in 1789 when some of the crew overthrew the captain, William Bligh, and set him adrift in a tiny boat with sailors loyal to him. The mutiny resulted in a number of trials--both of the men who mutinied and of Bligh for losing command of his ship. These fascinating events have been the source for numerous Hollywood movies, most recently The Bounty. The Bounty Mutiny: From the Court Case to the Movie explores the famous case and the movies it inspired.

Land Surveying in Saskatchewan

Andy Warhol: Everyone Will be Famous for 15 Minutes (American Rebels)

"Paintings are too hard. Machines have less problems…" In the 1960s, Andy Warhol became the most famous creator of a new style of art called pop art, which transformed mass-produced items of popular culture into fine works of art. From Campbell's Soup cans to photographs of Marilyn Monroe, Warhol's willingness to use anything and everything from the mass media in his work expanded the range of subject matter available to artists. His avant-garde films, artistic usage of American icons, and unconventional social life made him a controversial figure, both greatly admired and deeply reviled. A trendsetter rather than a trend-follower, a dispassionate observer of both the seamy and celebrity sides of life, Warhol was a true American rebel.

Johnny Cash: The Man in Black (American Rebels)

When country music legend Johnny Cash took the stage at Folsom State Prison in 1968, he solidified the public's perception of him as a rebel who followed his own path. Born in Arkansas during the Great Depression, Cash endured poverty, the death of his older brother, and a difficult relationship with his father. He turned to gospel and country music to express the pain, and after many years of struggling, his songs of hardship and hope would finally reach the ears of those waiting for an artist who represented them, ordinary people fighting to survive.

What is the Milky Way?

Kiera Cass (All About the Author)

Career Building Through Using Digital Design Tools

The Adventures of Michael & Mia: Stewards of the Land

Becoming a Mason (Essential Careers)

Government House, Regina, Saskatchewan: An Illustrated History