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Announcing the Table of Contents for Shapers of Worlds!

Can I have a drumroll, please? Here’s the complete Table of Contents (though not necessarily the final order) for the Shapers of Worlds anthology, successfully Kickstarted earlier this year, featuring original fiction and reprints from authors who were guests during the first year of my Aurora Award-winning podcast, The Worldshapers, now undergoing final editing and …

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FUNDED: a Kickstarter for an anthology of short fiction from some of today’s top science fiction and fantasy authors

My Kickstarter campaign to fund Shapers of Worlds, an anthology of short stories from some of the authors who were guests my Aurora Award-winning podcast, The Worldshapers, in its first year, was a great success, raising $15,700 CDN, well above the original goal of $13,500. As a result, the anthology is full-steam ahead, heading for an August …

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My ebook odyssey

All the cool kids are writing about their experiences with ebooks these days, and since I’ve long aspired to be cool (though, alas, I have yet to reach that exalted state) I thought I would give a brief account of my own experiences as writer and reader of same. I take you back to those …

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Book review: Storm from the Shadows by David Weber

I first discovered David Weber’s Honor Harrington series rather late, reading the first few installments in ebook form on my hieBook reader when they were made available for downloading at the Baen Free Library. I loved them, and moved on to buy the next few in paperback. Now I am fully addicted and purchase them in hardcover …

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What I’ve Just Read: By Schism Rent Asunder

By Schism Rent Asunder is the second book in David Weber’s new series that began with Off Armageddon Reef. Before I read it someone warned me that they thought it didn’t really work as a stand-alone novel: it’s very much a bridge between what happened in the first book and what’s going to happen in …

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What I’ve Just Read: Off Armageddon Reef

I’m a big David Weber fan (and had a chance to meet him and be on a panel with him at ConVersion in Calgary a couple of years ago)…or perhaps it would be more accurate to say I’m a big Honor Harrington fan, since nothing else he’s written has captured my interest as much as …

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