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Flames of Nevyana blog tour begins today: here’s the first interview

The Flames of Nevyana blog tour begins today (full schedule here), and it kicks off in grand style with a fun interview I did for Susan Heim on Writing. Susan is also running a giveaway, so head over there to enter that if you'd interested in a free copy of Flames of Nevyana (and who wouldn't be?). Here's the interview part of my guest post over there, which also includes an excerpt. You’ve written more than 50 books! How do you find the time to be so prolific? What is your writing schedule like? It’s funny, people think I’m prolific, but to myself I feel lazy—I always think I could be ...

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Answering some questions about writing

I was recently asked, by someone on Facebook, several questions about writing, and I though the answers might be of general interest. And so here they are! How do you decide what ideas/characters/plots/etc. are good? Or which to keep? Hmmm. Of course, I think they’re all good. When I was starting out and writing everything “on spec” (that is, writing it first and then trying to sell it) it would simply be whatever idea grabbed me the hardest and could keep me going through the long process of writing a novel. These days, it’s a little different. My Masks of Aygrima series (written as E.C. Blake) began with ...

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My daughter Alice on CBC Radio

Very proud of my daughter, Alice, who with fellow cast member Logan Weir gave a great interview on CBC Radio this morning (on Saskatchewan Weekend with Shauna Powers) about Do It With Class Young People's Theatre's current production of Grimm Tales. I just happened to record it and you can listen to it here! [embed]https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/CBC%20Weekend%20With%20Alice_1.mp3[/embed]

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Two recent audio interviews

  While I was Guest of Honour at Can-Con in Ottawa in late October, I had two great audio interviews, one with Kevin Johns of Write-Along Radio, and one with Derek Newman-Stille of the great Speculating Canada website.  And here are handy links to each! Here's the one from Write-Along Radio...                       And there's the one with Derek Newman-Stille, in which, in his words) we talk "about writing ideas of heroism, revolution, government power, resistance, individualism, and writing space operas."  

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An interview with me at Nine Day Wonder

The website Nine Day Wonder has just posted an interview with me. Here's an excerpt that addresses one of the most common questions I'm asked: DW: E.C. Blake, Lee Arthur Chane, Edward Willett…You’ve gone by multiple pen names, which is not uncommon for writers are prolific as you are. What’s the advantage in building multiple “brands”? EW: I didn’t use pseudonyms by choice: it was a marketing decision on the part of DAW Books, my New York SF/fantasy publisher. My first three books with them (Lost in TranslationMarseguro and Terra Insegura) were all far-future science fiction. They didn’t exactly set the world on ...

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An interview with me in honor of my story in Tesseracts 17

Colleen Anderson, editor with Steve Vernon of Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast (EDGE), the latest installment of the long-running Canadian anthology series, has been posting a series of interviews with the authors whose works are included in the book, and this week it's my turn, in honor of my story The Path of Souls. I am thrilled to finally have a story in Tesseracts, and enjoyed answering Colleen's insightful questions. Read the whole thing at her blog, but here are a couple of excerpts: CA: “Path of Souls” is a beautifully rendered world, told by an outsider who makes it home. But that ...

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My interview with CTV Morning Live to promote Right to Know…

can be viewed at this link. I thought it went pretty well. Although the best place to get the book at the moment, until it finds its way through the distribution channels, is directly from the publisher.

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A YouTube interview avec moi…

...promoting the re-release of Spirit Singer by Tyche Books. Among many other things.

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My future city: I dabble in public prognostication

Later this morning I’m expecting a phone call from a reporter at the Regina Leader Post, who wants my science-fiction-writer take on the future of the city, ca. 2035. Of course the city has its own rather boring (well, from an SF writer’s perspective) plan for the futuristic city of Regina, which is full of lots of nice buzzwords like “sustainable” and “accessible,” exactly what you’d expect, but as First World War German Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Younger famously said (only, of course, in German), “no plan survives contact with the enemy”—and in this case the “enemy” is rapid ...

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Saturday Special: Dave Rodney – From Yorkton to the Top of the World

(I wrote this feature during my recent short-lived stint as an editor for Fine Lifestyles magazines. It was supposed to be the cover story for Fine Lifestyles Yorkton, but I can't see any sign Fine Lifestyles Yorkton made it off the ground. It did run in Business Saskatoon.) By Edward Willett Dave Rodney has twice stood atop Mt. Everest, the first Canadian to do so more than once.  International keynote speaker, documentary producer, author, adventure guide, educator and humanitarian, he was recently re-elected for a third term as MLA for the constituency of Calgary-Lougheed, and named Associate Minister of Health for the province of Alberta. And it all started in Yorkton. Born in ...

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