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The first sentence I wrote yesterday…

Brenna looked at the sleeping youth, pitying him.

Total thus far: 18,786

Words yesterday: 2,514

Not sure I’ll add much to the total today–other things that need doing–but yesterday, as you can see, I had a good session.

I just spoke to my agent this morning. There’s an editor interested in one of my–er, that is, Edward Willett’s, not Lee Arthur Chane’s–YA proposals, but she wants to see more than I’ve written. So I’m going to attempt to work on two fantasy novels at once here in the next little while. Since I’m between major nonfiction projects, I think I can pull it off. Guess I’ll find out…

But, hey, you know what that means–two First Sentences I Wrote Today, at least some days: one by Lee Arthur Chane, one by Edward Willett.

The mind boggles. How could this blog be any more exciting?

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