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SoulwormCover art by Ruth Thompson

For years she has waited in vain for her powers to manifest themselves. Now a twist of fate has cast her into a doomed parallel world: Earth. It’s up to her to save humankind from an ancient evil perfectly suited to aid humans in their self-destruction. Will she find her talents in time to defeat the Soulworm?

Short-listed for a 1997 Saskatchewan Book Award in the First Book category

Praise from the 1997 Saskatchewan Book Award judges…

“A wonderfully entertaining, imaginative, and well-crafted book for young adults…This book is well-paced and controlled and never becomes moralistic… A great read!… Highly recommended.”

…the Regina Sun…

“This is a complicated bit of writing. The characters are involved in a variety of strong relationships which help create the drama…in this story, Weyburn is not a quiet, little city. The writing is fast-paced and readers will be amazed at just how wild Weyburn gets.”- Jocolyn Caton, The Regina Sun, March 8, 1998. Read the complete review


“A good story…Teens new to SF/fantasy will like this one.” – Gail E. Roberts

Aaron V. Humphrey

“A nice little fantasy/teen novel which blends the two fairly well. Recommended to anyone who likes Nicole Luiken’s books.”

…and a young reader in Glasgow, Scotland!

“…a pure good story!”

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