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Not enough readers, not enough time: the end of my regular science column (for real, this time)

All right, this time it’s for real: I’m pulling the plug on my weekly science column (I haven’t written one for about a month anyway). And it’s all MailChimp’s fault. MailChimp is actually a great way to send out nicely formatted HTML newsletters, and I’m very glad to use it for that purpose. However, MailChimp …

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A Christmas tradition: ‘Twas the Nocturnal Time of the Preceding Day to the Day We Call Christmas

There’s a great song called “Christmas Cliches” in which the singer expresses a love of all the Christmas things that come ’round year after year, from plywood reindeer on the roof to Johnny Mathis on the radio. One of the reasons we love Christmas (those of us who do, and you can certainly count me …

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My review of Globe Theatre’s production of Doubt, A Parable

This is the review I’ve sent to CBC’s Afternoon Edition and is more or less what I’ll be saying on the radio this afternoon (probably about 4:10 p.m., though I haven’t heard for certain). As they say, check against delivery! *** Globe Theatre is closing out its mainstage season right now with Doubt, A Parable, a …

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My review of Globe Theatre’s Mesa

Here’s my review of Globe Theatre‘s latest mainstage production, Mesa. This is the script I’ve sent to CBC. Check against delivery today at 4:13 p.m. on the Afternoon Edition.Globe Theatre’s lastest mainstage production is Mesa, by Calgary writer Doug Curtis. It’s a play that takes the audience along on a road trip from Calgary to …

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My CBC review of Wingfield’s Inferno

Here’s the written version of my review for CBC’s Afternoon Edition today of last night’s opening performance of Wingfield’s Inferno at Globe Theatre. As they say in the political-speech-writing-biz, “check against delivery.” *** Globe Theatre’s latest mainstage offering, Wingfield’s Inferno, opened last night in Regina, and Edward Willett was there to see it. Q. So, …

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My review of Globe Theatre’s Sexy Laundry

Last night I attended the opening of Globe Theatre (Regina’s professional theatre-in-the-round)’s latest mainstage offering, Sexy Laundry, directed by Ruth Smillie, in order to review it for CBC Radio’s Afternoon Edition today. Here’s the script I sent them. (It’s not really a transcript, because I didn’t read this word for word, but it’s the gist.) …

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Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House: The Medicine Cabinet

Notes for today’s CBC radio spot… *** It’s a bit of a cliché: the guest who can’t resist poking through his host’s medicine cabinet, just to see what’s in there. Well, Ed Willett isn’t a guest in his own home but he sometimes feels like it, because it’s full of odds and ends that have …

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Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House: Vices

Notes for this week’s CBC column (which you can listen to here): Ed Willett has been exploring the recesses of the house that has been in his wife’s family for 70 years…and this week has uncovered shocking news: people in the past used to smoke cigarettes. Also, they were known to drink alcohol on occasion. …

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Another "Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House" online

You can listen to this week’s “Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House” online here.

Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House: Kid Stuff

Notes for this week’s CBC column… ***If you have children, you know how child-related stuff tends to pile up. And since kids grow up so fast, some of it is barely used before they’re too big for it and it gets put away somewhere, never to see the light of day again… …unless your son-in-law …

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Hear one of my "Things I Found in My Mother-in-Law’s House" interviews online

It’s the one about souvenirs, and I just discovered The Afternoon Edition has put it online here. Enjoy!

Things I Found in my Mother-in-Law’s House: Souvenirs

Notes for this week’s CBC radio segment of Things I Found in My Mother-in-Law’s House. UPDATE: Listen to the actual interview! **** Souvenirs seem to have some strange mesmeric power over travelers. You visit a place with beautiful scenery, a long and fascinating history, great restaurants and a vibrant night life, and somehow you decide …

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