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The Space-Time Continuum: Space Opera

Here’s the latest instalment of my regular column on writing science fiction and fantasy from Freelance, the newsletter of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild… “Space opera” is an odd-looking term: after all, as the marketers for the movie Alien might have (but fortunately didn’t) put it, in space, no one can hear a tenor scream a …

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The new Coteau Books edition of Song of the Sword is in print!

Got this handsome box of books from Coteau Books yesterday: copies of Song of the Sword, Book 1 of my five-book The Shards of Excalibur series, a brand-new revised edition of a book that first came out about four years ago but was orphaned by the collapse of Lobster Press. Book 2, Twist of the Blade, …

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TARDIS: Time and Relative Dimensions in Stories

On May 6 I was the speaker at the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild’s Write After Lunch series, and entitled my talk “TARDIS: Time and Relative Dimensions in Stories.” This is more or less the text I spoke from, although as you’ll see if you watch the archived video below and follow along, I didn’t exactly deliver it word …

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The Space-Time Continuum: In Defence of Escapism

Here’s my latest “Space-Time Continuum” column from Freelance, the newsletter of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild… Back at Weyburn Junior High I was once taken to task by a teacher for not remembering the name of the author of a book I liked. “If you don’t remember the author’s name,” he told me, “you’re just reading …

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“Reunion,” a short story by Eddie Willett, age 19

As promised in the previous post, here’s my short story from the Spring 1979 issue of Shapes and Names, the literary magazine of Harding College (now Harding University). The cover art at left was created by Jerry Palmer. My short story, at over 8,000 words, was by far the longest piece, and reading it now, …

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The Space-Time Continuum: Reality in Fantasy

Here’s my latest column for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild‘s magazine Freelance… *** When someone writes a hardboiled police procedural novel, we expect it to adhere to correct police procedures in the city in which it is set. When someone writes a historical novel set in 19th-century India, we expect the details of life and governance …

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Some thoughts on the reviews of Masks

One of the…um, eye-opening…things about having novels published (and at this point, under both this name and others, I’ve had quite a few) is the realization, as the reviews start to come in (if you’re lucky enough to even get reviewed), that not everyone thinks you have written the most amazingly wonderful book of all …

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The Space-Time Continuum: Workshops

Today, while writing the next installment of my regular SF/F-writing column “The Space-Time Continuum” for Freelance, the magazine of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild, I realized I’d never posted the previous column online…and so here it is! *** Over the years I’ve participated in a number of science fiction and fantasy writing workshops, to great effect: …

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An interview with me at Nine Day Wonder

The website Nine Day Wonder has just posted an interview with me. Here’s an excerpt that addresses one of the most common questions I’m asked: DW: E.C. Blake, Lee Arthur Chane, Edward Willett…You’ve gone by multiple pen names, which is not uncommon for writers are prolific as you are. What’s the advantage in building multiple “brands”? …

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A Wordle for Masks

Just for fun…easy to tell it’s entirely told from the point of view of a character named Mara, isn’t it?

Tickets on sale for my play As Time Goes By: A Love Story with Music and Ghosts

Tickets are now on sale for my play-with-music, As Time Goes By: A Love Story with Music and Ghosts, featuring music from the ’30s and 40s found in the old house where I live that used to belong to my wife’s grandparents, and then to her parents (and indeed, we are dedicating the show to …

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Science fiction vs. fantasy: what’s the difference?

My column for the latest issue of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild magazine Freelance… Although science fiction and fantasy often overlap in both bookshelves and readership, they aren’t actually the same genre. Exactly where you draw the line between them, of course, is a matter of some debate. (Because, well, what isn’t?) Just do a Google …

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